iPRES 2016 | The 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation in Bern, Switzerland, October 3-6, 2016

SLUB Dresden - Dresdner Digitalisierungszentrum CC BY-SA 2.0

SLUB Dresden – Dresdner Digitalisierungszentrum
CC BY-SA 2.0

2nd Call for Papers

*Workshop, Tutorial and Panel submissions – Deadline: April 1, 2016*

*Paper and Poster submissions – Deadline: April 15, 2016*

iPRES is the premier international conference on the preservation and long-term management of digital materials.

We invite contributions that present original work about research initiatives and innovative practices in digital preservation.

*Subjects of interest are networks of digital preservation, costs of digital preservation, politics and digital preservation, digital preservation challenges in libraries, archives, museums and beyond, persistent identifiers for digital content, copyright for digital content, web archiving and much much more.*

All submissions will be subject to a peer review. Those that are accepted for inclusion in the conference programme will be published in the iPRES 2016 proceedings.

For any questions please contact ipres2016@nb.admin.ch

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The vanishing Web

“If a sprawling Pulitzer Prize-nominated feature in one of the nation’s oldest newspapers can disappear from the web, anything can. “There are now no passive means of preserving digital information,” said Abby Rumsey, a writer and digital historian. In other words if you want to save something online, you have to decide to save it. Ephemerality is built into the very architecture of the web, which was intended to be a messaging system, not a library”.

Adrienne Lafrance, “Raiders of the lost Web“, The Atlantic, 14 octobre 2015.