CfP– Making ‘Big Data’ Human: Doing History in a Digital Age

Camelia.boban CC BY-SA 3.0

CC BY-SA 3.0

Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge, 9th September 2015

With Keynote Speaker Prof. Jane Winters, Professor of Digital History and Head of Publications, Institute of Historical Research

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This one-day conference will approach what it means to use big data to ‘do history’.  Through a series of panel sessions we will address questions such as: What new opportunities can big data provide for historians?  Can we retain the richness of history in big data, and what might historical methodologies bring to its study?  Does the use of big data risk ignoring the subordinate and those not traditionally represented?  What does digital history mean for the use of traditional historical methodologies? The panels will culminate in a roundtable session which will bring together thoughts from across the day to further our understanding of whether ‘big data’ requires an entirely new methodological approach to history and, if so, what impact this has on the ‘humanistic’ side of history as a discipline.

Proposals are invited from historians working in any time period or area of specialism, and from those working in other disciplines but taking a historical approach to research.  Papers will be 20 minutes in length and work-in-progress is welcome.  Proposals should provide a paper title, short abstract of 200-250 words and contact details, including institution and level of study (e.g. postgraduate, early-career scholar).  Abstracts should be sent to no later than 30th June 2015.