XXVI Conference of the International Association for Media and History

Extended Call for Papers: “Media and History Revisited”

Special Area: The Digital Archive and Historical Media Research

Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA), 17-20 June 2015

Papers are invited for the special area “The Digital Archive and Historical Media Research” at the XXVI IAMHIST (International Association of Media and History) Conference, to be held at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA) on the theme of “Media and History Revisited.”

This area seeks paper and panel proposals on how the digitization of traditional archives and the emergence of online open-access archives has, is, and will continue to change the nature of historical media research. Themes to explore may include, but are not limited to:

* Research explicitly based on digital archives.
* Methodological and theoretical approaches to digital archives.
* Critical approaches to how the Digital Humanities as an inter-disciplinary field  continues to affect, expand and possibly also limit media historical research.
* Scholars and archivists involved in specific digital archive projects (archives, research tools, metadata) that are of interest to media historians are especially welcome to present their work and/or give thematic workshops.

Special areas CFPs of the 2015 conference: The Digital Archive and Historical Media ResearchMedia and Nostalgia

Closing date for proposals:  1 March 2015

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