Journal of Visual Culture: dossier spécial Internet Memes, Décembre 2014; 13 (3)

Pour comprendre le succès du GRUMPY CAT, des CHUCK NORRIS FACTS OU du HARLEM SHAKE…

Edited by: Laine Nooney and Laura Portwood-Stacer


Laine Nooney and Laura Portwood-Stacer, One Does Not Simply: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Internet Memes

Peter Lunenfeld, Barking at Memetics: The Rant That Wasn’t

Lisa Nakamura, ‘I WILL DO EVERYthing That Am Asked’: Scambaiting, Digital Show-Space, and the Racial Violence of Social Media

Patrick Davison, Because of the Pixels: On the History, Form, and Influence of MS Paint

Jason Eppink, A brief history of the GIF (so far)

Kate Brideau and Charles Berret, A Brief Introduction to Impact: ‘The Meme Font’

Nick Douglas, It’s Supposed to Look Like Shit: The Internet Ugly Aesthetic

Limor Shifman, The Cultural Logic of Photo-Based Meme Genres

An Xiao Mina, Batman, Pandaman and the Blind Man: A Case Study in Social Change Memes and Internet Censorship in China

Tim Hwang and Christina Xu, ‘Lurk More’: An Interview with the Founders of ROFLCon

Jonathan L Zittrain, Reflections on Internet Culture