ACC Critical Studies in Media Communication Special Issue: Digital Labor, Below-the-Line

The work required to produce the web and to fill the media devices that increasingly occupy 21st century life is often difficult to see. With a click content appears, images proliferate, and text, sound and video streams across our screens. However, behind the screen exists a globally distributed network of people who toil to create, manage, distribute, promote and update digital content. Their labor reflects new modes of production and shifting divisions of labor that characterize media production in a digital economy.

For this special issue of Critical Studies in Media Communication, issue editor Nina Huntemann seeks papers that explore digital media workers “behind the screen.” Submissions should advance scholarship about invisible labor in the digital media industries, and should principally consider the labor produced by those engaged in below-the-line work.

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Submission deadline: January 12, 2015
Final drafts due: April 12, 2015
Publication: August 2015