“Disrespect des fonds”

“Disrespect des Fonds: Rethinking Arrangement and Description in Born-Digital Archives” by Jefferson Bailey in Archive Journal, summer 2013 (issue 3)

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(…) How will traditional principles of archival arrangement and description be challenged or modified to account for born-digital materials? Arrangement and description have long been the primary method of facilitating the use of archives, and their methodologies have been dependent upon the principle of respect des fonds. The articulation of this theory in 1841 has been held as the “starting point” or beginning of the modern era of archival theory, a “watershed” event establishing the “basic principle” and “very core” of the archival endeavor. Superlatives abound. Respect des fonds, “more than any other principle, has come to provide the archival profession with a unique identity.”1

But respect des fonds was born of a particular historic moment, for a particular type of archival document, and was conceived to address the practical needs of specific social circumstances. (…)

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