On the trace of a website’s lost past

[A guest post from Federico Nanni, who a PhD student in Science, Technology and Society at the Centre for the History of Universities and Science of the University of Bologna.]

(…) In fact, Italy does not have a national archive for the preservation of its web-sphere and furthermore “Unibo.it” has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.

For this reason, I have focused my research (a forthcoming piece on this will be available in Digital Humanities Quarterly) primarily on understanding how to deal and solve this specific issue in order to reconstruct the University of Bologna’s digital past and to understand if these materials are able to offer us a new perspective on the recent history of this institution. (…)

Un billet passionnant de Frederico Nanni à découvrir sur le blog de Ian Milligan. 

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Valérie Schafer (2015, 15 décembre). On the trace of a website’s lost past. Web90 - Patrimoine, Mémoires et Histoire du Web dans les années 1990. Consulté le 22 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v9xr